When it comes to fighting games, I believe that best one so far is Electricman. Main difference of this flash game from other similar fighting games is that, that it has mind-blowing slow motion attack combinations. These slow-motion attacks look super cool, they give game special thrill and entertainment.

Main objective in the game is to defeat all of your opponents and become champion. Game has level system in it, in order to finish current level and advance onto next one, you will have to defeat all enemies in the current level. Like in all games with level systems, here higher levels mean higher difficulties, making game more challenging and interesting.

How to play:
You must use all your fighting skills if you want to survive and become champion. Fight your opponents, use different combo attacks and spend your points wisely. Avoid enemy’s punches, dodge their attacks and answer with your kicks swiftly. Do your best to win each and every arena, advance in higher levels and earn your title of champion

Q – slow-motion punch moves
A – general punch moves
W – slow-motion kick moves
S – general kick moves
E – slow-motion grab moves
D – general grab moves

Left arrow button – run left
Down arrow button – dodge
Right arrow button – run right

Running while executing a move will create a new attack. Slow-motion attacks and the flipover throw (press D when running) both use up battery points.

Changing character in the game:
You can give your main character different parameters. You can for example change name of the character, give him your favorite color and even choose skill level (from easy to pro).

Story of Electricman:
So main story of the game evolves around Tournament of Voltagen. This is very violent tournament where different combat teams compete against each other, fights are vicious and merciless, all options are on the table (martial arts, street fighting, superhuman powers) when it comes to earning title of champion. Game allows you to determine who will become strongest person in the universe of stick man. It is also important to note that current champion has never been beaten before, but you can change this, if your gaming skills are good enough of course.

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